Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Blog postings

I haven't used this in a while as you can see.
My website hadn't been updated in a long time either. mostly because I found that the process of updating it was what I wanted to do. I have been updating my deviantart page with more of my art than my website. Anyway it was suggested by a friend and fellow artist Justin Greenwood that I have my website direct to this blog because(and I agree) deviantart can be a bit cluttered to look at.
So now my site opens up to this blog automatically.
I'll start the new posts off by telling where my header image is from. I'm working on a trading card set called contemporary pin-ups from Galans sketch art productions. It is the art for my card in the set.

I am also doing 15 hand drawn art cards that will be inserted into random packs. And will have 15 gold foiled blank cards for requests when the set is done.
I will have more work up soon. Let me know if you're watching. Leave a comment.

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